Black Desert Online – First time playing

Wreckyoface Rambles

So I saw a post on facebook a day ago about how Black Desert Online was free on the steam store for a limited time/amount of copies. I had watched game play of this on youtube for a few years randomly and thought it would always be a cool game to play but I already play quite a few games and didn’t want to spend any more money on ANOTHER game. I mean it is normally only $9.99 but I believe when I first started looking it was closer to the normal $59.99 range. Anyway I don’t think I will really get right into this game but I feel I will slowly play it a bit and try to see what it has for “endgame” content. So far in the first 2 initial hours of playing I must say it is pretty fun because you are controlling all your attacks and they aren’t all just auto land skills that take no effort and you can essentially dodge skills and such as well. I seem to have started playing during some kind of event that is going on in game so I have gotten a lot of randomly over powered gear/buffs it seems that you normally wouldn’t get just starting so this may be the reason why I am just flying through the quests so far but it said like 15 days remaining so maybe I will play it a bit during this time. But as for now so far I am pleased with the game and look forward to getting more into it and hoping some of you all join as well!

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